comparing the most popular ski jackets

Columbia Ski Jackets vs. North Face Ski Jackets

We are sure, that deep down know which ski jacket brand, you want to look good in this year…

If you want to look good in your ski jacket this year, no matter which color you pick, there are definitely reasons why you should pick either the North Face or the Columbia brand of ski jacket.

Spending lots of money, on the coolest ski jacket is not the answer….

We wanted to give you a quick, comparison between the two brands, and let you see which is the best ski jacket, best for you and your needs.

Whether you are looking for men’s ski jacket or women’s ski jacket, we show you the two brands popular this year.

Leveling the brands

Columbia Ski Jackets

Columbia was founded in the Pacific Northwest and is over 70 years old, this brand has turned from a local brand into a global sportswear company.

North Face Ski Jackets

North Face is not exactly young either, at over 50 years old, this brand ironically started a little south of Columbia in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, as a small mountaineering retail store, which is now a global brand.

Which brand is better for ski jacket: North Face or Columbia?

By the end of this article, you’re going to learn which brand of ski jacket is better, based upon the reason YOU CARE ABOUT THE MOST:

  • Which ski jacket is cheaper, or a better value?
  • Which ski jacket brand is cooler?
  • Which ski jacket is on sale, and will keep me warm?


Let us tell you, the last thing you want — is to not look good or be warm and dry this season, but also, you don’t want to not have the best fitting ski jacket. 

After reviewing so many pairs of ski jackets, both men’s and women’s ski jackets, we determined the following 3 points are the best way to compare and think about before purchasing this year.

Ski jackets are going on sale every hour, from multiple sellers. With so much change, we only process the sale prices today, please click through these to make sure they are still on sale, AND STILL AVAILABLE to be delivered by your date.

compare women’s ski jackets


Here are a few samples of women’s Columbia ski jackets, to compare the style and price, shop all the women’s ski jackets here.


Here is a women’s North Face ski pant available, to compare the style and price, shop all the women’s ski jackets here.

Compare men’s ski jackets


Here are a few men’s North Face ski jackets to compare the style and price of the Columbia ski jackets, shop all the men’s ski jackets here.